AI Building Multilingual Models

Digital Reasoning, the front runner in Artificial Intelligence Solution, did annunciation of filing a broad patent that incorporates the technology that trains and transfers learnings from English to other language models.

Research Group of Digital Reasoning, after two years of round-the-clock work, breaks new ground in the area of transfer learning and also becomes the new driver of Machine Learning Commercial use. Usage of their technology across languages can help build and extend the value of their Machine Education Program.

Digital Reasoning’s Applied Machine Learning Research Group and Dr. Wael Emara, with an eclectic mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning found a solution to this hard industry problem. Digital Reasoning has been working with many renowned global banks to get a line on electronic communication so that they can spot any misconduct that would put their company on risk and astray from their goal.

Initially, the banks who used to manage policies across different regions built Natural Language Processing (NLP) Models using Low source-resource language which made the models less efficient, costly, and error-prone. According to the Global Head of Monitoring, Surveillance & Controls, this new model in different languages, can increase the coverage, create high-quality surveillance alerts, and ultimately save a whale of time and money.

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