AI can now understand Idioms too

AI experts at IBM have come up with significant advances. This advances allows the Watson Computer to understand idioms and colloquialisms. IBM states that it is the first commercial AI that can recognize, understand, and analyze distinct and difficult parts of the English Language.

Language is not just a tool for information but it is also used for exhibiting thoughts and opinions according to Rob Thomas, general manager at IBM Data, and AI. IBM stated the advancement of a major aspect of Watson technologies. The technology focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) which will be executed using the Project Debater AI system.

Currently, the employed AI system cannot spot phrases like, “hardly helpful” and “hot under the collar”. Also they can’t debate or have conversations on complex expressions with humans. That’s why researchers believe this technology will be helpful. They also suggest this can help transform businesses and increase intellectual capital that is codified inside the data.

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