AI for Journalism

A lot of articles published by news outlets today are produced by some sort of AI tool. Initially, the Natural Language Generation (NLG) tool providing such articles was delivered by a company called Narrative Science.

Nowadays, there are many organizations whose internal teams are working on creating an in-house version of the tools. Some organizations already have one.

The BBC uses Juicer, The Washington Post uses Heliograf, and almost a third of Bloomberg content is created by Cyborg. These systems begin by using data – graphs, tables, and spreadsheets.

The systems can create articles only when highly structured data is provided, such as a video of a basketball match, or spreadsheet data with graphs and numbers displaying the company’s annual revenue.

These systems cannot write articles that have a trace of creativity, imagination, flair, and in-depth- analysis. The bots have exponentially increased the count of niche articles.

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