NASA’s AI can foretell if a hurricane intensifies:

In the tests, it is found that the AI system forecasts more accurate information than the existing model.

Modern-day Meteorologists can forecast Hurricane superfast. But still, the struggle to identify and calculate the value of time it will intensify. Also, it is difficult to understand what’s happening inside the tropical cyclone.

NASA generated AI model can exponentially improve the calculation of meteorologists and give people more time to prepare before the calamity. The model is developed by using years of satellite data.

The system is developed by a group of scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. The three-strong signals discovered by the scientist that will indicate the hurricane will be grave: heavy rainfall inside the storm’s inner core; the amount of ice water in the clouds; and the temperature of the air flowing through the hurricane area.

It is suggested that using this model there is a 200% higher chance of detecting grave events.

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