Swarm AI making Deep Learning accessible to all

Swarm AI is gained from Swarm Intelligence (SI). Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang Swarm first coined the expression Swarm Intelligence in 1989.

Even though much of swarm intelligence concepts are new literature. It is almost used in everything from the stock market to forecasting. Hence, improvement in IOT Technology and network technology has made the swarm intelligence system faster, accurate, and efficient.

In this day and age Swarm Intelligence (SI) is giving a helping hand in uncovering new growth opportunities and managing disruption. Brainalyzed, a Germany based start-up, avowed themselves as the world’s first Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI). It was founded in 2017 by Dr. Gunter Fischer and Thomas Kopetsch.

They made use of AI and Machine Learning to make Deep Learning technology accessible to everyone which is the main technology behind their platform. Many start-up aspires to find an AI solution to make better investment decisions. Some of the highlights of this swarm-based platform are: Genetic Algorithm automatically generating all model; Multiple models imitate Natural  Swarm Intelligence. To conclude, automatically finding inputs using predictive values; Model can run both on cloud and on-premises; No need for feature engineering and last but not the least No coding experience is required to use the platform.

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