Transcription in MS Word

Microsoft added a new transcription feature for its online version of Word. Now with Transcribe users can record live multi-speaker conversations or can upload audios and videos. The transcription of these conversations, audios, and videos takes place in the background and swiftly. The transcribed text runs on the right side of the word document and snippets of it can be used in the document with just a click. This box-fresh feature can also label each snippet by its speaker.

The segments of the text are also time-stamped making it handy for the users. The service at the moment is available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers who use the online version of the word.

The annual subscription of the same is $69.99 on the other hand family version costs $99.99. Microsoft plans to make the feature accessible before 2021. There is no quote about the Desktop app. There is no limit for the time granted for the live audio transcription. But there is a limit for pre-recorded ones which is just 5 hours a month.

Also, the file cannot be more than 500 MB and there are other formats like M4A and MP4 that need to be followed. Dictation like “Underline the Text “, “Make the text italic and left-aligned ” is now available. To boot the document and make it more connective now emoji can be included too. The Transcribe feature has made Otter its competitor.

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