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IBM announced an AI/ Cloud based chemistry lab called RoboRXN. The main idea to develop such a lab is to

Application of Swarm Intelligence
3 months ago no Comment

Swarm AI is gained from Swarm Intelligence (SI). Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang Swarm first coined the expression Swarm Intelligence

Blockchain based Business Passport
3 months ago no Comment

Global Value Chain passport a blockchain based business passport will help SMEs who are following their host country’s financial rulebook

AI can understand Idioms
4 months ago no Comment

AI experts at IBM have come up with significant advances. This advances allows the Watson Computer to understand idioms and

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While a potential vaccine is a silver bullet for getting over coronavirus but some experts are concerned about supply chain

Multilingual Model
4 months ago no Comment

Digital Reasoning, the front runner in Artificial Intelligence Solution, did annunciation of filing a broad patent that incorporates the technology

NASA's AI foretell a hurricane
4 months ago no Comment

In the tests, it is found that the AI system forecasts more accurate information than the existing model. Modern-day Meteorologists

Artificial Intuition: Fourth Generation of AI
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The first inception of AI took in the 1950s. After that AI has undergone many evolutions. The first generation of

AI discovers metals turning into hydrogen on planets
4 months ago no Comment

The alpha geek and researchers from IBM, EPFL, and the University of Cambridge did biomimicry of interactions between the hydrogen

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Cosmic ray which comes from space and streams down to Earth can interfere with the integrity of the information in

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